Street Party held at the Victoria Hotel for Queens Birthday

A good day was had by all even though we had a lot of rain!!!!


Approximately 500 people attended,



Well done to the Victoria Hotel, Michelle, Malcolm and the organising group


The Parish Council were asked to be part sponsors of this event and we were proud to do so, and what a fantastic day.


We would like to pass on our congratulations to everyone who was involved in putting such a great event on. The amount of work must have been enormous. The people who were working in the bar and on all the stalls and attractions worked very hard.



Hambergers, hotdogs, chickenburgers for anyone?
Gateway Charity stall raised about £470
kids loved the bouncy castle which was sealed from the rain
sandwiches and cakes for everone
face painting was very busy
pizza anyone?
popcorn was a kids favourite
candyfloss was kept busy too
everyone having fun!! nice to meet up with everyone
there was a lot of BULL at the event
A disco as well!
ice cream, kids first then parents
Drink anyone?
The Hog Roast was delicious, crackling for me please!!!!!!!! - You will have to wait its still cooking.
street scene
street scene
this young man was in for some BULL fighting
You can ring my bell anytime