Policing And Crime Statistics

The Parish Council try to have Police Officers give reports to our meetings when they are availiable. 


We have a good working relationship with them and we will raise any residents concerns with them. WE ARE INFORMED BY OFFICERS THAT WE ARE A LOW RISK AREA

We all know that crimes are taking place in Allerton Bywater, as your Councillors we hear time and time again from residents that they have suffered from crime.


We always ask the same question "have you reported it to the Police" and quite often we get the same answer "whats the point, they will do nothing only give you a crime number".


Please remember that Officers are just as frustrated as we are that there are fewer and fewer Officers to do the same job!


this is our advice:-


You should always report crime to the Police, because all reports are logged and the Police build up a crime picture of our area, if people can't be bothered to report crime then the statistics are low and we are classed as a low crime area so resources are sent to other areas.



It’s up to you!!



                              WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE

Crime Figures and how to contact the Police

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                             CRIME MAP FOR OUR AREA

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Contact details for our local officers


use the above e-mail address to get information to officers on 

Sargent David Lund
P.O. Katy Myers
PCSO Adam Hick.
PCSO Allison Bailey
PCSO Vicki Harrison.

Garforth police station 0113 2322015. 

There is a answering machine if nobody answers the telephone and messages

are picked up daily.

Due to shifts it may sometimes take 4 to 5 days to ring people back.


If you think you are a victim of a scam or want to know more about scams this book produced by the Metropolitan police is a useful read

metropolitan police - little_book_scam.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 MB]

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