At the Annual General Meeting of the angling club three new committee were elected to the general purpose committee Mark Salmon, Andrew Woolford and Paul Geary the rest of the committee remain the same Chairman William Pearson, Vice Chairman Colin Street, Secretary Steve Murray, Treasurer Keith Hambleton, Match Secretary Barrie Wright, Assistant Match Secretary Ian Wright.

The club have had a sound financial year and a rise in membership, which has allowed us once again not to raise membership fees for the coming year.

They remain at Adult £16.00, O.A.P. £8.00, Juvenile £6.00

We shall be stocking the Lowther Lake with further Carp during the year, owing to the previous stocking proving very successful with the stocked fish growing very rapidly with some fish already having reached double figures. The introduction of the Carp to the lake has created more interest from anglers wishing to fish the venue and the rapid growth rates should create even more interest in the future.

The Ox Bow Lakes at the back of Lowther Lake continue to give excellent sport

with lots of fish being caught throughout the year. Unfortunately many anglers are under the impression that this is free fishing, but it is controlled by the angling club and is part of the Lowther Lake Lease, Permits and an Environment Licence are required before fishing any club waters.

The Aire & Calder Navigation at Fleet Lane Woodlesford once again provided excellent sport through the year both to pleasure anglers and matchmen alike, the club matches have once again been well attended and the results excellent for canal fishing the venue remains one of the best in the region.

The Angling Club has open membership and permits are available from most local tackle shops.


Fishing site locations

The fish below were caught in the Lowther Lake

20th January 2013 the lake was restocked with £3000 of skimmer bream 10" approx